SAENGGREEN Recruitment of Branch Offices

For beautiful world. For healthy life.

It will definitely be different if you are with Saenggreen.

Saenggreen is a professional company of research/development and manufacturing/sales of natural oriental cosmetics, health functional food, and we will satisfy you for sure.

One, we are a professional company of natural oriental cosmetics and health functional food for 30 traditional years.
Two, Two, we are a sales company through distribution method of door-to-door sales for 30 years. With a policy of protecting branch’s rights and interests, we are the developing company based on development of coexistence and myth between head office and branch.
Three, we have never changed the basics of business policy for 30 years.
Four, 170 branches all over the country are thriving business now.
Five, sales representatives who have sufficient experiences for branch management will do the close management thoroughly in all areas(employee management/business guide/education/event, etc.) until the branch grows.
Six, Saenggreen products are sold only through branch and sales representative(manager), so you can use them without worrying.
Seven, we make outstanding products using natural ingredients and oriental, so customers’ reaction is good which makes the repeat sales rate high.

Recruitment Guide to Open the Branch

Recruitment Guide to Open the Branch
Recruiting Contents New Business Operators
Business Field Natural oriental cosmetics, health functional food, door-to-door sales in general food field
Recruitment Target Candidates for starting business or full-time job / those who have door-to-door sales experiences / those who have experience in managing the sales organization
Qualifications over 30 years old (everyone who has the desire for business
Recruitment Area all over the country
Others We will actively support all employees in the head office to succeed in the business that creates high profits with little capital, so don’t worry and apply
Information for Inquiries 080-977-9000 (toll-free)