Introduction of Saenggreen

Cultural Creation of Health and Beauty

As a company that produces the naturally oriental cosmetics, health functional foods, and sanitary aids, it contributes to human’s real beauty, health, and welfare improvement.

Saenggreen Panorama

Since Saenggreen Ltd. was founded in 1987 with a corporate philosophy of “Cultural Creation of Healthy
and Beauty”, through oriental scientific movement, we have concentrated on developing
high quality•high performance
cosmetics and health functional food which are appropriate to human’s physiology.

Also, by actively dealing with rapidly changing information, technology, the change of customer’s preference,
and intense market situation, we have performed a customer-oriented service to satisfy customer’s convenience
and demand with a quality-centered policy and honest marketing.
As we, Saenggreen, are supporting A-1 human being, A-1 product, and A-1 company and putting the highest priority
on honesty and trust, we will reform to be a sincere future company which always breathes together by your side
and continuously puts efforts for your health and beauty in 21st century.

We, Saenggreen,. Ltd, will do our best for the best quality and service for brighter and healthier human’s future
and each individual’s beauty that each and every customer hopes.

All employees from Saenggreen,. Ltd will devote to become a company that carries out the social responsibility
and gets trust from company and customers.
Thank you.


Saenggreen CI_1
We developed a design with classic type(cooper plate) which has serif, and for attention and differentiation, we expressed the duplicate G,G as one and by making G letter a little bigger and treating it with GOLD color at the same time, we tried to make it as a symbol that represents Saenggreen Ltd. The shape of G letter emphasizes that we are the professional oriental cosmetics company by combining the plant leaf that symbolizes vegetable drug and giving the meaning of torch at the same time which reflects the will of Saenggreen that continuously burns and challenges.
Sharp curve in a circular arc shape in the top means Saenggreen Ltd’s continuous future-oriented will and prosperity that supports for A-1 human being, A-1 product, and A-1 company, and it also represents a strong competitiveness for the borderless world.
Saenggreen CI_2
Basic color of word mark pursues for the world of eternal beauty by containing the nature’s mystery, and dark green color(noble green) of rich color was chosen to represent a company armed with a nature-friendly GREEN spirit that dreams for the beauty of nature.
With a G letter in the middle in basic color, GOLD, we attempted to increase the utilization value of identity and improve the awareness at the same time.


  • 2010~2017
  • 2004~2009
  • 2003~1987
  • Launched Jayoonjin mask pack full of maehwa scent Launched Danjang All-in-one Twincake Launched the health functional food(Kids multi vitamin jelly, Cheong choon gold zinc, Arboreen jeong gold, Selenium vitamin C premium)
  • Launched NAIZIUM wrinkle care essence Launched health functional food (The triple functionality Gamma Linolenic acid Gold, the quadruple functionality Omega-3 & Lutein Gold, the triple functionality Queen Hopcal premium, the quadruple functionality marathon premium)
  • Launched health functional food(The triple functionality Omega-3 & Lutein Gold, the quintuple functionality Good morning mixed lactobacillus premium, the triple functionality spirurina COQ10)
  • Launched Danjang Yunbit Boeum Cushion, Vision for men skin refiner, emulsion
  • Designate a suitable business for CGMP
  • 02.16 Launched the renewal of 『Pure white beauty brand』
  • 02.10 Launched 『Crystal body brand』
  • 01.30 Launched the renewal of 『NAIZIUM brand』
  • 01.05 Launched the health functional food, 『Bone and calcium』
  • 10.07 Launched 『Clear peeling care』
  • 08.19 Launched 『Cheong-ah』 brand
  • 05.25 Launched 『Clear cleaning oil』
  • 05.20 Awarded 『grand prize』 in cosmetics manufacturing field at 『2007 awards ceremony of excellent company of self check system such as medical supplies』 hosted by Korea Food & Drug Administration in Daejeon district
  • 02.19 Launched 『Pure white beauty vitamin C powder』
  • 11.12 Launched 『Saenggreen foot care』, 『Cheonsang-cho BB CARE Danjang』
  • 09.19 『Saenggreen Jabiyeon cream』 was selected as Korean best new product in the second half of 2007
  • 08.21 Launched 『Saenggreen Jabiyeon cream
  • 08.01 Launched a renewal of 『Dojeon』 (toner, lotion)
  • 07.01 Launched 『Heukbidan』 hair pack, hair essence
  • 12.23 『The place filled with Maehwa scent』 was awarded the grand prize of 2007 Korean female consumers(Queen’s awards)
  • 09.07 Launched health functional food 『Refreshing life DHA』
  • 09.05 Launched 『Saenggreen neck and bust serum』
  • 07.27 Launched liquefying extracted tea 『Saenggreen Cordyceps militaris gold』
  • 02.09 Launched health functional food 『Good morning lactic acid bacteria product』
  • 11.05 Launched 『Night repair essence』
  • 07.07 Launched renewal of 『Saesoon』 brand
  • 06.10 Launched 『Cool pack that has bamboo’s coolness』
  • 05.06 Launched 『Crystal clear』 mask pack
  • 03.09 Assigned as a suitable business of CGMP (Manufacture of excellent cosmetics and quality control) (Korean Cosmetic Association)
  • 02.03 Launched health functional food 『Chlorella gold』
  • 01.15 Launched 『Danjang』 (mascara)
  • 11.15 Launched 『Night repair essence』
  • 07.07 Launched renewal of 『Saesoon』 brand
  • 05.08 Launched 『Cool pack that has bamboo’s coolness』
  • 02.05 Launched 『Crystal clear』 mask pack
  • 12.31 Saenggreen brand was selected as 2003 first-class brand in Korea (Seoul Economic Daily)
  • 12.15 Launched 『Danjang』 (Powder pact)
  • 07.08 Launched health functional food 『Mansahyungtong』
  • 05.19 Recognized as HFGMP(Suitable company for manufacturing excellent health supplement) (Korea health supplement food association)
  • 03.06 Launched 『Changjo』 brand
  • 03.03 Commended for faithful payment of taxes on taxpayer’s day (the Ministry of Finance and Economy)
  • 08.19 Launched health functional food 『Aloevera-gold』
    Launched health functional food 『Cheonhapyungjeong』
  • 07.16 Achieved five times of non-injury record (Korea Occupational Safety Agency)
  • 06.08 Launched 『Pure white beauty』 brand
  • 06.08 Launched 『Pure white beauty』 brand
  • 02.05 Launched health functional food 『Green energy-cheong jeub』
  • 03.03 Commended for faithful payment of taxes on taxpayer’s day (Head of tax affairs in North Incheon)
  • 02.12 Launched special supplementary food 『Tuntun jung』
  • 01.18 Launched special supplementary food 『Tuntun jung』
  • 10.27 Recognized the Saenggreen Ltd., Research Institute as Corporate R&D Center (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • 09.28 Commended for sharing love with the disabled by Incheon mayor
  • 02.11 Launched 『Millennium silk』 essence
    Launched special supplementary food 『Queen•Hopecal』
  • 12.31 Awarded from selecting the manufacturing business of excellent food
  • 02.17 Launched health functional food 『Saengyeok gold』
  • 02.14 Launched 『Chunsul Maehwa』 brand
    Launched health functional food 『Saengyeok gold』
  • 06.29 Selected as promising small and medium-sized company
  • 02.13 Launched 『Chungsoon』 brand
    Launched 『Dojeon』 brand
  • 12.13 Launched 『Saesoon』 brand
  • 02.21 02.21 Launched health functional food 『Aloe two type
  • 12.30 Acquired an approval of manufacturing company for health functional food (the Ministry of Health and Society No. 102)
  • 04.18 Acquired an approval of KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) (the Ministry of Health and Society)
  • 09.11 Launched 『Soon』 brand
  • 12.21 21 Acquired a manufacturing approval of cosmetics (the Ministry of Health and Society No. 104)
    Acquired a manufacturing approval of sanitary aid (the Ministry of Health and Society No. 126)
    Launched 『Jin』 brand
    Launched 『Green Me』 brand
  • 03.03 Established Saenggreen Ltd.