The Overview of Saenggreen Laboratory

Saenggreen Laboratory Saenggreen Laboratory
1. Establishment and Certification of Laboratory

- Operation of laboratory along with the foundation of a company was promoted to the research institute on July 1st, 1999

- Certified as corporate affiliated laboratory from Korea Industrial Technology Association on Oct. 13th, 2000

- Main location: 109, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Research planning division, Research team for fundamental cosmetics)

- Supplementary location: 58-68, Namsan 3-gil, Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do,
Republic of Korea (Oriental science laboratory, research team for make-up, research tem for health food)

2. Studying Ideology of Saenggreen Laboratory
Saenggreen research institute is a place where cosmetics science of department of oriental medicine and food science meet.
Based on the oriental philosophy, ‘Holism’, we study for healthy and beautiful life of nature and humans.
‘Well-being’ which is recently stood out is a main research target of Saenggreen laboratory since the establishment in 1987.
3. Organization of Members
Korean medicine doctor is participating in studying the oriental medicine as an advisor of research and development, and total of 14 members in charge of researching consisted of 1 doctor, 8 graduates, and 5 undergraduates are focusing in developing the product and the basic research.
4. Main Equipment for Research

- Saenggreen laboratory possesses 120 kinds of research facilities, and is investing much research and development costs especially in studying the natural substance and effectiveness.

- Equipment for analysis and research of the formulation: HPLC, UV/Visible pectrophotometer, GC, IR, SPF
Analyzer, Rheometer, Skin Testing Device(Cutomer, Tewameter, Sebumeter,
Mexameter, Corneometer), Viscomerter Coloration Tester, etc

- Equipment to study natural substance and biological activity: compact pressure concentrator, freeze dryer, freezer (-80℃),
thermo-hygrostat, ultrapure water, PCR manufacturing device, Elisa Reader, fluorescence microscope, CO2 incubator, etc.

Organization of laboratory and Main Research Area
Research Planning Division
Graft research of cosmetics and oriental medicine
Developmental research of new material that has effectiveness as cosmetics materials
Design of product research and trend research of product
Research trend of cosmetics and food scientists and research of technology trend
Research team of fundamental cosmetics
Research on product development to always make better fundamental cosmetics
Research on new manufacture to develop cosmetics of new style
Research on manufacturing process to make the best quality of cosmetics
Research on natural scent and natural preservative to develop the cosmetics that have no trigger on the skin
Research team of color cosmetics
Research on oriental color cosmetics
Research team of health food
Development of new health functional food and developmental research of excellent products that have better effectiveness
Development of new material that has excellent effectiveness as a health food
Laboratory of oriental science
Search on the effectiveness of oriental drugs and natural substance
Research on a sampling process to excellently maintain the vitality of natural substance
Efficacy evaluation such as whitening, wrinkle improvement, anti-aging of raw
Development of its own raw materials of oriental effectiveness

Results of Saenggreen Laboratory

Individual Research
- Development of Beulro Sap
Beauty ingredients of <Vidanjasu> brand
Patent application: mix extraction of upper leaf, lichen, morus bark, morus alba, and mulberry tree and its recipe
- Maehwa Fermented Water
<Place filled with Maehwa scent>brand beauty ingredients
Ferment the Maehwa flower
- Fermented water of Plum, Plum leaves, and Plum roots
Developed the beauty ingredients by fermenting the rice straw which is a traditional technique in Korea
Patent application: composite of skin whitening beauty materials that contain the fermented extract of plum, plum leaves, and plum roots.
- Fermented water of Plum Maehwa
Beauty ingredients of <Soon Baek Meen> brand
Patent application: composite that contains active components such as Maehwa and plum blossoms that have vitality of antioxidation
- Gunyangdan
Beauty ingredients of <Heukmojangsaeng> brand
Patent application: composite of cosmetics materials that have the effect of the prevention of hair loss and promoting effect of hair growth that contain the complex herbal extract such as pachyma
Joint Research

- Effectiveness of the functional cosmetics to improve the wrinkles with main ingredient of Ursolisome and clinical research of the safety

Joint research with the research center of Dermapro skin science

Developed <Naizium> brand to functional cosmetics of improving the wrinkles

- Searched on natural substances that have antioxidants to apply in cosmetics

In the process of joint researching with Seoul National University of Science and Technology

- Research on the treatment effect of herbal medicine for osteoporosis

In the process of joint research with College of Medicine at Hallym University

- Patching test of human body skin

Jointly researching with the research center of Dermapro skin science

Research on clinical test of human body patch to confirm the safety about Saenggreen product and main ingredients

- National study assignments

1) Development of functional cosmetics using the slander glasswort extract’s antioxidation material
(Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2005-2007)

2) Development of cosmetics using the oil (Small and Medium Business Administration, General subject 2005-2006).

Research Thesis

1) Poster presentation at combined academic conference in 2013(2003.5.24)

Topic: Development and research direction of health functional food (food functionality/biological activity field)

Title: Biological activity of cypress oil

2) The effects of cypress oil’s anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, anti-oxidants

Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea, 2004, 30th book No.4 pp503-507

3) Biological vitality of rose and plant extracts

Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea, 2004, 30th book No.4 pp499-502

4) Biological activity of plant ethanol extracts of Pinaceae

Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea, 2005, 31rd book No.1 pp121-125