To embroider with women’s beauty, put mulberry trees into cosmetics


Characteristic of Vidanjasoo products : Skin reconstruction, Skin strengthening, Skin circulation

Based on mulberry tree water, Sangsenggibodan which is consisted of 11 oriental components helps the activation of Beulro sap and promotes the energy activities of the skin(warmth, driving, defense, Goseop, evaporation), and boosts a blue flag to invigorate skin reconstruction, skin circulation, and skin strengthening and provide new energy to the skin.

Beulro Sap

  • Lichen(Branch)


  • Sangshimja(mulberry)


  • Mulberry leaves(leaves)

    Mulberry leaves(leaves)

  • Mulberry tree(Sanghwang mushroom)

    Mulberry tree
    (Sanghwang mushroom)

  • Morus bark(root)

    Morus bark(root)

1,000 mulberry trees that were given as the sign of love after falling in love with her wisdom and lofty elegance. With this mulberry tree, it was born by having the wisdom and sincerity of Queen Soheon
who assisted Sejong the Great who suffered from skin disease. Vidanjasoo contains the mulberry tree as it is to embroider the beauty on female’s skin.