SAENGGREEN Meahwa hyang

High-class fermented medicinal cosmetics with full of apricot’s four seasons

Place filled with Maehwa scent

Characteristics of Place filled with Maehwa scent products

Use the products above in the sequential order.

1. This is oriental cosmetics devoted to the basic with a treatment controlling energy, blood, and body fluid.
2. It improves the dark skin purely and healthily with lung, liver, spleen, and kidney.
3. Plant ingredients improve the skin purely and cleanly.
4. It is a luxurious fermented oriental cosmetic that ferment four seasons’ spirit of spring, summer, fall, winter, Maehwa tree.

With fermented technology of traditional rice straw and treatment of free of 8 harmful ingredients(Paraben, Benzophenone, Pigment, Ethanol, Minerals, Sulphate, Amine, Propyleneglycol) for skin safety that only Saenggreen has, it is the fermented oriental cosmetics that strengthen the fluid inside skin and improves the skin purely and cleanly.