Prizing all traces of those years, A skin tonic, Two functions

Jabiyeon - Cream


Ohjadaebodan which is an oriental ingredient recovers the energy and vitality to aging skin through relaxation, counterbalancing the power, restorative spirit, and nourishing the blood. Sea-blite extracts that our company applied for a patent restrains the processing of aging process such as elasticity loss and wrinkles, and it is oriental cosmetics for double functionality of wrinkle/whitening.

· Capacity
How to use it
Use it in the last step of basic skin care. Take the cream with built-in scoop and spread evenly from the middle of a face to the outside by using middle and ring fingers, and absorb it.
Rub both palms and when you feel the heat to palms, cover the face with the whole palm and press it gently. Softly roll twice in the order of nose, forehead, cheek, and chin with both hands.
Main ingredients
sea-blite extracts, Ohjadaebodan, Adenosine, Oil-soluble glycyrrhiza extracts, Gold, Ehyunljin, Hydroctin, yeast extracts, and others.
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