Prizing all traces of those years, A skin tonic, Two functions

Jabiyeon - Double Set

Double Set

By supplementing the yin inside the skin that becomes deficient as getting old, they are luxurious skin and lotion that make dry and exhausted skin to moisturizing skin.

· Capacity
Jabiyeon Skin(50ml)/Jabiyeon Lotion(50ml)
How to use it
*Jabiyeon Skin : By supplementing the yin inside the skin that becomes deficient as getting old, it is luxurious oriental skin that makes the skin moisturizing. Sea-blite extracts and Ehyuljin which are patented ingredients put life into exhausted skin and makes the skin glowing and smooth. Also, it improves the skin that can easily be wrinkled to always glossy skin.
*Jabiyeon Lotion : It is the luxurious oriental lotion that makes the imbalance of hydration and nourishment inside the skin that can be caused as getting old, and various moisturizing ingredients and nutrient ingredients makes the skin healthy. Oil-soluble glycyrrhiza extract and adenosine which are functional ingredients are delivered deeply into the skin. Various oriental ingredients such as Ohjadaebodan, gold, royal jelly, and sanghwang mushroom which are the restoratives to the skin maintain the skin preciously by Jayang, Jaeum, and Jayun.
Main ingredients
*Jabiyeon Skin : Sea-blite extract, Adenosine, Ehyuljin(angelica root, licorice, cnidium, Omija, peony), gold, low molecular hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, biosaccharide gum, Perillae semen extract
*Jabiyeon Lotion : Sea-blite extract, Oil-soluble glycyrrhiza extract, Adenosine, gold, Ohjadaebodan(raspberry, cuscuta seed, Sangshimja, Ohmija, Chinese matrimony vine, deer antlers, cornus fruit, Big blue lilyturf, wild ginseng, white atractylis, acanthopanax), Ehyuljin(angelica root, licorice, cnidium, Ohmija, peony), royal jelly, sanghwang mushroom extract, macadamia nut oil
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