Prizing all traces of those years, A skin tonic, Two functions


Characteristics of Jabiyeon products

Essence of oriental cosmetics and skin restorative – Jabiyeon

  1. Five seed ingredients that fully contain the life’s spirits and oriental ingredients such as wild ginseng, deer antlers, acanthopanax solve the skin imbalance and reduce the traces of the age.
  2. Strong life force of sea-blite which is a salt plant in the sea gives the liveliness to the skin exhausted from stress and outside environment, and makes the yin and yang harmonious.
  3. By doing the liposome processing of Adenosine which is functional active ingredient and Oil-soluble Glycyrrhiza Extracts, it is absorbed deeply in the skin and improves dark and wrinkled skin to pure and elastic.
  4. Ehyunljin which is an oriental complex composed of angelica root, liquorice, cnidium, Omija, and white woodland peony makes the skin’s energy and blood’s motion smooth which adds the shine to the skin.
  5. It contains gold which is the only substance that does not change or disappear among all things in the world and the most precious treasure given by nature, so the spirit of pure gold spreads out to the face and makes the skin fresh, glowing, healthy, and beautiful.

Jabiyeon contains the queen’s abstained figure in the deep side of royal palace, more beautiful and deeper figure of a woman
because she does not expose herself, and the pioneer’s soul that has led dignified art and outstanding science in our history.
We provide a genuine beauty of a queen to you who know the true value of life.
Jabiyeon is confident in front of skin’s age.